Simple Systems

One of the main reasons I decided to include a game example while documenting the ECS development is that I found that much of it is about the pattern that I...

ECS Breakout

Like I mentioned last time, properly designing and explaining an ECS is best if done in the context of a game. I am actually designing a game while doing it,...

Another Vuelta Win for King

Can’t believe he got another win in the Vuelta. He looked absolutely trashed after the stage. Luckily tomorrow is a rest day.

C comes after E?

On the surface components are fairly simple. In ECS, a component, is basically a set of properties that an entity has. So if the entity is located somewher...

The ‘E’ in ECS

In ECS, entities are just an identifier which components will be attached to, usually just an integer.

Eat. Race. Win.

I’m almost through watching this on Amazon Prime. It’s coverving the 2017 Tour de France with Orica Scott, and focusing on how their chef feeds them for 3 we...

Journey to Swift ECS

While I’m a developer by day, I don’t do much iOS development anymore and certainly no game development.

Back to Blogging

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, and I never really good about keeping it consistent before anyway. I’m going to give it another shot to see it I c...

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